Spirits of the journey beckoned

and I could work no longer

Matsuo Basho



From this day forth

I shall be called a wanderer

leaving on a journey

Thus among the early showers

Matsuo Basho


By morning glories

I have had my well bucket captured

and I borrow my water

Haiku by Chiyo


To those who come and break them

they give fragrance,

blossoms of the plum

Haiku by Chiyo


As if I had come from a land where

no tongue at all was spoken

I used to meet her wordlessly

and rarely was my silence broken

from The poetry of

Ishikawa Takaboku


The sheaves of my love thoughts

Would fill seven carts-

carts huge and heavy wheeled

Love poem from the Manyoshu


The new foal

sticks her nose up

through the Irises

Kobayashi Issa


With my father

I would watch dawn

over green fields

Kobayashi Issa


My love thoughts these days

Come thick like the summer grass

Which soon as cut and raked

Grows wild again

The Manyoshu

7th century A.D.


Do not burn the brake-

So lovely as it is!

Let new grass grow there as it will-

The new grass mingling with the old!

The Manyoshu

7th century A.D.