Hi, I am Arnold Alexander and I make paper. I have been making paper by hand for more than 15 years. Originally from South Los Angeles, Calif., I now live and create in the southern Arizona town of Ajo. I use lots of plant and flower inclusions in my paper creations and they are all according to the seasons of southern Arizona. We also have blank sheets with no inclusions.

In addition to selling individual sheets of handmade paper I have now created a line of haiku note cards from my paper. Click here to see all 24 note cards.

I became interested in papermaking during the six years I lived in Japan, my travels throughout Asia and the influence of my army buddy's wife in Alaska who sent me a handmade birthday card.

I utilize the Tibetan or Eastern style of hand papermaking.and generally use pulp made from cotton rag, sugar cane or Phillipine abaca. In addition to making the paper I also do the nature photography on each card as well as the digital design and printing,

These cards are made from the larger sheets, 20x30,35x10 or 16x20, that are measured, scored, folded, and torn by hand. The inclusions on each card are southern Arizona wildflowers in season. 

  Consider making your own note cards from large, single sheets. They will be one of a kind that will not be just thrown away after receiving.

It takes at least 4 hours to make a sheet of paper and another half hour to make the card, itself so these cards are well worth your investment.

Twenty five percent of all sales will be donated to Disabled American Veterans. Even if you do not purchase a card or paper please click on the links below and donate to the DAV. They do good work. They backed you now back them.

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After creating a large sheet of paper I measure out 8.5 by 11 inch pieces, taking into consideration the positions of the flower inclusions, scans and characteristics of the paper surface before scoring and tearing out the smaller pieces. Once this is done I choose one of the 26 card layouts I have designed digitally and then send the paper through the printer. Lastly, the paper is folded into a greeting or note card. No two cards are the same.

These cards are exquisite and each card is one of a kind. When one card is sold there will never be another like it. The photographs and scans will be the same but the flower inclusions, paper surface and paper thickness will be different. Some note cards are blanks and others contain the works of the old Japanes haiku masters such as Issa, Basho, Takaboku, Buson, Chiyo and others.

These are not the usual type of greeting cards that as soon as they are received they are discarded. They are truly unique and individual and will be much appreciated by the person receiving it, as well as yourself.

All cards come with envelopes (not handmade). A single card is $7.00. Five cards are $6.00 each and ten or more are $5.00. Satisfaction is guaranteed. I will send you your money back and then you send the cards back.

See all 24 haiku cards

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Handmade paper and haiku note cards 

                    Single Sheets                   


20x30 sheets with Poinsetta and Pine leaf inclusions. Since each sheet is one of a kind yours may or may not resemble the image above.You can also order blank sheetgs with no inclusions.  $9.00 each.
20x30 sheet with Bouganvilla and Bamboo flower inclusions. Since each sheet is one of a kind yours may or may not resemble the image above. You can also order blank sheets with no inclusions. $9.00 each.

16x20 sheets with flower inclusions. 

$4.00 each


16x20 sheets drying in the southern Arizona sun.You can order 16x20 sheets with or without inclusions. $4.00 each

35x10 sheets with flower inclusions. $7.00 each.
35x10 sheets, 2nd and 3rd row, with or without inclusions, $7.00 each.